Early Years Professional Status

What is Early Years Professional Status?

Practitioners of the Early Years Professionals Status (EYPS) will be the key to raising the quality of early years provision. They will be change agents to improve practice. They will lead practice across the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), support and mentor other practitioners and model the skills and behaviours that safeguard and promote good outcomes for children. (p5 para 1.5)

EYPs will be key in raising the quality of early years provision and the Government aims to have an EYP in every children's centre offering early years provision by 2010 and in every full daycare setting by 2015.

The CWDC believe that, over time, only those with EYPS should lead the delivery of the new EYFS. (p6 para 2.4)

What does Early Years Professional Status cover?

EYPS practitioners will be expected to take on a leadership role in their settings – the qualification is designed to promote both personal knowledge and leadership skills. To attain EYPS all practitioners are assessed against 39 National Standards covering six areas of professional expertise:

Knowledge and Understanding

These standards look at how practitioners can lead and support others to understand the principles and content of the EYFS and children's learning, development and emotional wellbeing. They also cover the statutory and legal frameworks within which children's services operate.

Effective Practice

These cover how practitioners can lead and help others to have high expectations of children's achievement, establish appropriate environments and routines and use observation to monitor children's progress and plan for their progression. They also cover selecting resources, making personalised provision, supporting the development of children's language and communication skills, and engaging in sustained shared thinking with children. Other aspects of effective practice include promoting positive behaviour, children's rights, equality, inclusion and anti-discriminatory practice, assessing, recording and reporting on children's development and learning and giving constructive and sensitive feedback to help children understand what they have achieved and think about what they need to do next.

The EYP at Footsteps are Hannah Moss & Hannah Simpson.