Visits and Outings

The Nursery is located in a position that enables us to take the children on visits of the local area.

From time to time, as part of our curriculum plans we may arrange to take the children on a trip outside the local area.

We will always let parents/carers know about such outings well in advance and obtain written permission. A letter will also be sent out giving parents full details of visits including

  1. Times and places.
  2. Whether we will be using a private vehicle of public transport.
  3. Any special equipment needed by the children (coats, wellies etc.)
  4. The ratio of staff to children.
  5. The person in charge and the first aider.


  1. Before any visit a member of staff will visit the site to check for suitability and to carry out a full risk assessment.
  2. Staff on the outing will take with them a register, a first aid kit, a fully functional mobile phone, contact names and phone numbers, spare clothing, any medication, appropriate records and accident forms.
  3. All children will wear a high visibility tabard.
  4. In the event of using a private vehicle the nursery will
    • Check contracted drivers for suitability
    • Check that the vehicles insurance covers business use
    • Check the vehicle has the use of booster seats, seat belts and air bags
    • Ensure that maximum seating is not exceeded
    • Keep records of drivers and vehicles
    • Ensure that all special needs and disabilities are catered for
    • Ensure that no child left in the vehicle is unattended
    • Take extra care in any risk areas highlighted by the risk assessment (crossing roads etc.)
  5. The register will be taken before setting off, on arrival, half way through the outing, before departure and on arrival back at the nursery.
  6. Head count will be taken regularly throughout the day.

In the unlikely event of a child going missing then the following lost child procedure will immediately be put into effect.

  • All staff present will be notified and a search for the missing child will take place, ensuring that the remaining children are properly supervised.
  • Any on site staff and security staff will be notified and given a description.
  • If the child is not immediately found then the senior member of staff will ring the police
  • The Nursery will also be called
  • The Nursery will then notify the parents/carers of that child and give details of the incident.
  • Any spare staff will be sent from the Nursery to assist in bringing the remaining children back safely.
  • One member of staff will remain on site to meet and assist the police and parents.
  • Any incident will be recorded in the accident book
  • OFSTED will be informed of any incident.


In the event of a major accident/incident;

  1. The Nursery Manager will assess the situation and decide if the child needs to go to the hospital.
  2. The accident/incident will recorded and signed.
  3. If the child does need to go to hospital then an ambulance will be called and the parents contacted and told to meet at the hospital. A member of staff will accompany the child to hospital but will not be permitted to sign consent forms for the treatment.
  4. If the child is well enough to remain in the Nursery until the parent/carer arrives then the child will be make as comfortable as possible.

In the event of a minor accident/incident;

  1. A member of staff will assess the situation.
  2. A first aider treats the injury.
  3. The child is settled back into the class and observed closely.
  4. The accident/incident is recorded.

There are currently no visits or outings planned until January 2021. We will consider the safety of both children and staff before planning any outing or trip