Parents As Partners

'Children learn & develop well in enabling environments, with teaching and support from adults, who respond to their individual interests and needs and help them to build their learning over time. Children benefit from a strong partnership between practitioners and parent / carers (EYFS, 2021)

Footsteps Nursery believes that parents are the children's first educators and we wish to share that information in a two way process and that parents are a very important part of the nursery day. We will provide a welcoming environment at any time of the day. We will work with parents in every aspect of their child's development.

These are the ways in which we aim to involve the parents of our nursery as partners: -

Key person

  1. You will be assigned a key person on arrival into the nursery. This person will attend all settle sessions and start to build a relationship with the child and the whole family. The key person will meet the needs of each child & respond sensitively to their feelings, behaviour & ideas.
  2. Your child will attend at least 2 settle sessions. This is a chance to meet the key person and allow your child to become familiar with the setting.


  1. We ask that parents fill in a registration form & 'Celebrating Me' form before they start at the nursery. This gives us the information about the child's name, address, siblings, allergies, likes, dislikes, home language & religion (to name a few). Parents will be consulted in respect of the care given.
  2. You will receive a monthly newsletter highlighting dates for your diaries, news & reminders. This will be emailed. Please let us know if you need a hard copy.
  3. You will also receive a bespoke curriculum newsletter tailored to your child's age group. This will give information about the upcoming half term with details of trips, visitors, themes, topics, key songs & stories and ideas for home learning
  4. After 6 weeks you will be asked to fill in a 6 week review of your time with us. This really helps us to ensure you are getting the level of service we expect from our nursery.
  5. There are regular opportunities for you to feedback on any aspect of the nursery with our feedback form to be found on the back of the newsletter.
  6. We regularly ask for your help in reviewing policies.
  7. There is a parent notice board in reception. Please also see our staff board highlighting qualifications & special training.
  8. The parents of the younger children get a daily sheet telling you about their day, food, drinks, sleeps & nappies. This information is written on a white board for the older children.

Consultations & social events

  1. We have 2 formal parental consultation days these are held in the Autumn & summer terms. This is a formal opportunity to look at your child's progress and discuss with your key person. You can view your child's online file at any other time on Tapestry.
  2. We have a summer family BBQ for the whole family to attend.
  3. We have a Christmas party each year.

Parent helpers

  1. We have a number of parent helper slots available. We welcome parents into the setting to help out with the children. Any special talents can be incorporated into planning.
  2. The children go on regular trips & outings which enhances the learning of the children. We often require parent helpers for these trips.

Computers & e-commerce

  1. You can email the nursery at any time. The email account is usually checked daily.
  2. You will be invited to sign up with Parentmail. We can then send you newsletters, policy reviews & other info straight to your email. This saves time & printing costs.
  3. We take your email address when you first join in order to email invoices to you.
  4. We have a nursery face book page. Please join up to get alerts on staff training, news, special events & photos.


  1. When your child moves rooms within the nursery, a meeting will be arranged between you, the old & new key persons to discuss the transition and how best to support the child. Your key person will also support the settling visits to your new classroom.
  2. You will be asked to update any info on the registration form and celebrating me form.
  3. When your child goes to school we will share the school transfer document with you.

Observation, assessment & planning

  1. We actively seek parental contributions to the OAP process. 
  2. It is now a legal requirement for settings to do a progress check at age 2. This will be done in consultation with parents near to the childs 2nd birthday. This is shared with the child's Health Visitor.
  3. A home interest sheet is sent home every half term with the curriculum newsletter. You can fill this in to let us know of any interest, special achievement or event that is happening at home. We then use this to plan meaningful activities & experiences for the children.

Home learning

  1. We aim to support all of the children's learning at home. We give ideas on the Newsletter, curriculum Newsletter, Facebook and all tapestry observations for you to support your child in the home learning environment.
  2. We have lovely story sacks which each child has a chance to take home and share with their family.
  3. The older children take it turns to look after the class bear at home.
  4. You may be asked to provide a chatter box - this is a shoe box filled with the child's favourite things. They then share this with their friends at group time.
  5. At Footsteps we celebrate children's cultures, traditions and encourage parental input in this area.
  6. We share ideas, activities and resources to support home learning on our Facebook page.
  7. Footsteps is fully inclusive. We want to support the child & family. If you have English as an additional language or s special educational need then please speak to your key person and we will ensure we support you.
  8. Each child has a drawer at the end of the corridor. Please check these at the end of every session. Inside we put the children's work, invoices, newsletters and other important information.

Footsteps is fully inclusive. We want to support the child & family. If you have English as an Additional Language (EAL) or a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) then please speak to your key person and we will ensure that we support you. 

Each child has a drawer. Please check these at the end of every session. Inside we put children's work, newsletters & other important information.

Other policies to be read in cnjunction with this are Key Person, Observation, Assessment & Planning (OAP), Complaints, Food & Nutrition, SEND, Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality, Tapestry and Home Learning