Nappy Changing and Toilet Facilities

'Providers must ensure there is an adequate number of toilets and hand basins available. Providers must ensure there are suitable, hygienic changing facilities for changing any children who are in nappies' (EYFS, 2021)

At the nursery we cater for children with different needs. Children still in nappies, children who are learning or proficient in using the potty and children who use the toilet independently.

  • We have clean, well-stocked bathrooms/changing area located on each floor.
  •  All the toilets are at the right height for the children to use and all have doors to allow the children to have some privacy when using the toilet.
  • We provide potties and will help potty train when the parents want them to start. The potties are sterilised after each use.
  • Parents/carers provide, when necessary, creams for their children, whereas we provide nappies and wipes.
  • Nappies are changed at least every three hours unless a child has a soiled nappy in between those times.
  • Each child will be taught how to and encouraged to wash their hands after using the toilet, before and after eating and after messy play.
  • The bathroom is cleaned twice every day, at lunchtime and after the children leave.
  • The nappy bin is emptied twice a day, at lunch time and again at the end of the day.
  • Staff wear protective gloves and aprons for each nappy change.
  • There is a separate toilet for staff and visitors.
  • Nappies, gloves, aprons & used First Aid materials are disposed of in Yellow Bags in the bin provided.
  • We have an adequate supply of clean bedding & spare clothing
  • All practitioners follow a nappy changing risk assessment.
  • Please refer to the intimate care & physical contact policy