Preparing for a flu outbreak


  • Lunch time and end of the day clean
  • Toys and equipment are cleaned and sterilized regularly on a rolling rota
  • Extra care will be taken to ensure that children do not share cups, cutlery etc
  • Children wash their hands after using the toilet, after messy activities and before and after eating
  • Tissues are used to wipe the children’s noses, older children are encouraged to do this themselves. There are tissue stations with mirrors at the children’s height.
  • Children will be sent home if they are showing flu like symptoms, these include a fever, high temp, dry cough, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • We will inform parents of any suspected cases within the nursery with children or staff.
  • Parents should keep their child home from nursery if they display flu like symptoms or have been into contact with anyone who has.
  • We will review this policy as we receive guidance from the local council or government.
  • We actively promote the Flu Vaccine
  • We have measures in place for the Covid 19 pandemic. We have a separate risk assessment in place.
  • We are set up to recieve email alerts from Ofsted & DfE.


In the event of an outbreak.


  • We will keep parents up to date on how many cases we have had.
  • Staff will continue to be vigilant and keep up with the prevention policy.
  • The management team will work with the local council and health management team on implementing the latest advice.
  • In the extreme case of the nursery needing to close then the parents will be informed by the nursery manager at the earliest opportunity.
  • In this instance OFSTED would be informed.