Valuing diversity & Promoting Equality

'Every child has the right to high-quality early education & care. That means more than just offering 'the same to everyone' Practitioners need to consider the individual support & specific resources that a particular child might need. Then, that child can begin to achieve their full potential' (EYFS, 2021)

At Footsteps day Nursery we will ensure that our service is fully inclusive in meeting the needs of all the children. We recognise that children & their families come from diverse backgrounds. All families have needs & values that arise from their social & economic, ethnic & cultural or religious backgrounds. Children grow up in diverse family structures. Some children may live with foster carers or other relatives. Some children may have needs that arise from a disability or impairment, or may have parents who are affected by disability or impairment. Some children come from families who experience social exclusion or severe hardship; some have to face discrimination & prejudice because of their ethnicity, the languages they speak, their religious belief or background, their gender or their impairment

We understand that these factors affect the well-being of children and can impact on their learning & attainment. This setting is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity & value diversity for all children & families. This policy sets out the way we achieve this in the different areas of the setting.


  • Each room is accessible for all children. Positive images are displayed in each room & area of the nursery
  • We always offer a warm & welcoming environment to any visitors to our setting
  • We advertise our service widely within the local & surrounding community
  • We provide clear information on our service. This can be in written or verbal form. We're able to provide information in other languages & formats
  • We base our admissions procedure on a fair first come, first served basis.
  • We do not discriminate about against a child or their family on the basis of a protected characteristic as defined by the Equalities Act (2010) these are; disability, race, gender reassignment, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy or maternity and marriage & civil partnership.
  • We ensure all parents, staff & visitors to the setting are aware of this policy
  • We take action against any discriminatory behaviour by staff or parents. We will always challenge any discriminatory remarks or behaviour. Staff spend time discussing & how to challenge these. We do this through quizzes & a reflective journal
  • We work closely with outside agencies such as Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) and Brighton & Hove Inclusion Support Service (BHISS) to support children in the setting (see separate SEND policy)
  • We would always put an action plan into place to ensure that people with impairments or disability can participate successfully in the setting

Staff recruitment, training & development

  • Positions are advertised as widely as possible in the local & surrounding communities.
  • Applicants are welcome from all backgrounds and positions are open to all.
  • We have a fair system when it comes to recruitment. (please see separate Staff Recruitment policy)
  • The applicant who best meets the person specification is offered the post, subject to references & Disclosure & Barring Service Check. This ensures fairness in the selection process.
  • All Applications pack include an Equalities Statement
  • Equalities practice is part of our induction procedure. All staff have a buddy who can run through best practice with them.
  • We seek out training for our staff which enable them to develop anti-discriminatory & inclusive practices.
  • Staff have attended training on equalities awareness. SEND & persona dolls
  • We review our policies & procedures annually.
  • We have been awarded the Brighton & Hove Equalities Quality Mark.
  • We use a reflection book in the staff room for practitioners to record their work with the children, parents & staff challenging stereotypes
  • We have held staff meetings with training in 'Becoming a Nursery Of Sanctuary' and 'The Prevent Duty'

EYFS & Learning Environment

  • We aim to provide a secure & accessible environment in which all of our children can flourish.
  • We ensure that the children are valued and feel good about themselves. (see separate Emotional Health & Well-Being policy)
  • We ensure that all children have equal access to learning
  • We provide positive non-stereotyping information about gender roles. Diverse family structures. Diverse ethnic & cultural groups and disabled people.
  • We make diversity & inclusion a thread that runs through all activities of the setting
  • We differentiate the curriculum to meet children’s special educational needs & disability (see our separate SEND policy)
  • We recognise & support the different learning styles of the children
  • We positively reflect the widest possible range of communities in our choice of resources and the images that we display. 
  • We help the children to understand that discriminatory behaviour & remarks are hurtful & unacceptable
  • We ensure that children who are learning English as an additional language have full access to the curriculum and are supported in their learning
  • We use the observations we make of the children and regular input from families to identify next steps for children’s learning & development. We send out ‘home interest sheets’ each half term to include home celebrations and interests in planning.
  • We actively seek parents help & support in the setting. We have a number of opportunities throughout the year for parents to come into the setting as well as regular parent helper slots and outings.
  • Children are encouraged to discuss & celebrate their likes and differences in groups times, and through planned activities such as self-portraits
  • Each practitioner has a key ring of Makaton symbols to use with the children. We use Makaton signs with the children during group times & singing
  • Positive images are displayed around the classrooms
  • We use persona dolls to help the children to help the children to empathise with others & solve problems.
  • Each room has a ‘celebrations of the world’ board


  • Nutritious hot lunches are included in the nursery day for all children. These are supplied by our chef, Tim, who is based at the Hove branch. He has been awarded a Healthy Choice Gold Standard award.
  • We also provide healthy snacks and been awarded with a Healthy Choice Award (please see separate Food & Nutrition policy)
  • We have food images reflecting diverse cultures displayed in each room
  • We have activities like food tasting & celebrating different relevant festivals
  • We have a diverse range of cooking & eating utensils and food packaging in the home corners.
  • We work with parents to ensure that all dietary requirements are catered for
  • Our lunch & snack menus are culturally diverse.
  • We help children to learn about a range of food & cooking practice and to respect the differences between them

Monitoring & reviewing

  • This policy will be reviewed & updated annually along with other policies.
  • Parents can access all policies & procedures in the prospectus, in the file in reception and on this website
  • Parents feedback is sought each month on the newsletter and in home interest forms which are sent home half-termly. We welcome feedback on any aspect of the nursery via email or phone. We send home parent surveys every term.

Legal Framework

  • The equality Act (2010)
  • Children Act (1989) & (2004)
  • Special Educational Needs & Disability Act (2001)
  • SEND code of practice (2014)

Our equalities rep is Stephanie, she is supported by Hannah Moss. They have both attended appropriate training.

We are currently taking part in the Brighton & Hove 'Equalities Quality Mark'