Data Protection

As a nursery we do need to collect certain personal data from staff & the families who use our service.

Below in the table we set out what we take, how we store it and when it is disposed of.


Where is it kept – How is it kept secure

What is it used for

Is it shared

When is it destroyed

Name & date of birth (child)

Child file. – locked filing cabinet.

Child’s details


3 years after a child leaves


Tapestry – password protected. Tapestry data stored in EU.

Observation, assessment & planning

No – only with parents and any other person with access to that account via parent. This info may be shared with another setting if a child leaves.

Downloaded as PDF for parent. The deleted from Tapestry.




Attendance info

No *

3 years


Funding forms / EYPP

To apply for 2, 3 & 4 year and 30 hour funding. To be given extra monetary support

Yes – local council funding team.



Invoices (initials only)


Yearly accounts.  Invoice emailed to parents.


Child’s proof of age

Child’s file – copy taken

Funding forms



3 years

Medical forms (specific conditions)

Childs file – locked cabinet. On the floors if warrants serious intervention.


Yes – with relevant staff & support teams. (with permission)

3 years

Allergy information

On child’s file. On allergy lists in the rooms.



Shared with other staff and kitchen staff.

3 years

Details of child GP / HV

Child’s file – locked filing cabinet

Emergency info

With SALT / Safeguarding *– with parents permission


3 years

Accident / home accident forms

Separate sheets in a file. These are taken up to the office weekly


Record of accidents / home accidents

No *

3 years

Permissions forms – outings

In locked filing cabinet



1 year

Permission - other

On child’s file – locked filing cabinet

Outings / suncream  / medical emergencies



3 years

Observation data

Tapestry – password protected. Only used in setting. Tapestry data storage in EU

Observation, assessment & planning

May be shared with other settings a child attends – evidence for referrals to other agencies – with permissions.


Downloaded as a PDF for parents & deleted.

Child name on art work

Display boards in room. First names only.

Rooms displays

Visitors may see first names

Sent home when taken down or destroyed.


Sleep / Nappy sheets

Displayed in rooms. First names only. Filed in locked filing cabinet


Sleep & nappy checks


1 year

Pegs & self registration

On children’s pegs first name or photo only.

For children to recognize their peg – name recognition


Visitor may see – first names only

When children leave

Photgraphs of child

Display  - first names only

Children to see themselves reflected in the environment.

Visitors would see – first names only

When children leave




Observation notes for parents. Observation, assessment & planning.

No – only parents & other registered users see the photos. Password protected.

Downloaded as a PDF  for parents and then destroyed.




Prmotional material – special permissions sought

All website users

When photos change


Promotional campaigns

Sepcial permissions sought

All who see it

When campaign changes



Registration form

Family info


3 years


Referral forms

To refer for extra support

Shared with particular agency (permission sought)


21 years

Child protection information

Locked filing cabinet. Encrypted emails – password protected.


Other agencies & front door for families as necessary *

21 years

SEND information

Locked filing cabinet


Other agencies as necessary (permission


21 years

Parental responsibility

Registration form – locked filing cabinet

Legal requirement – safeguarding



3 years

Emergency contacts

Registration form – locked filing cabinet




3 years

Parents NI number

Funding forms – 30 hours



With funding team


Signed terms & conditions

Registration form – locked filing cabinet


Admission requirement


3 years