Babysitting Policy

It is not uncommon for nursery staff to make private babysitting arrangements with the nursery clients. This policy has been implemented to provide clarification to all parties.

  • The nursery will not be responsible for any private arrangements or agreements that are made.
  • Out of hours work arrangements must not interfere with a staff members employment at the nursery
  • Confidentiality of employment must be adhered to at all times and respected.
  • Parents should be aware that other adults accompanying the babysitter may not have the relevant Criminal Records Bureau clearance, and it may not be appropriate for them to care for children.
  • The nursery will not be held responsible for any health & safety or other issues that may arise from these private arrangements.
  • If you want to arrange for a member of staff to take the child home from the setting then this must be put in writing to be placed on the child’s file.

The nursery has a duty to safeguard all children whilst on our premises and in the care of our staff, but this duty does not extend to private arrangements between staff and parents outside of nursery hours