Arrivals and Departures

It is our policy to give parents and children a warm welcome on their arrival into the nursery.

Parents are asked to take their child/ren to the designated door for drop off and collection. The front door iscurrently being used for the under 3's and the back door being used forthe over 3's. There is videophone entry. Staff will collect the children and drop them back to the front door. Parents do not currently have access to the building.

On arrival the staff will mark their attendance in the register and record any additional information.

Bags and coats should be left on your child’s peg provided. Medicines can be delivered to the classroom for staff to put in the fridge.

Any medicine that a child is taking needs to be recorded with the member of staff and the medical consent forms signed.

If the child is to be collected by anyone other than the nominated adult, the password system will be followed.

At the time of departure the staff will collect any medicine from the kitchen to take home, bags and coats can be collected from pegs provided.

On departure the register will be marked to show that the child has left the premises.

If the nursery is informed during the day that someone else is collecting the child then a pre arranged password would be used and asked at the time of departure.

All staff and visitors will be asked to sign in and out using the books in reception.   

If a child is going to be off nursery for any reason we ask you to call by 10am. If a child as an unauthorised absence staff will callparents and emergency contacts. If we have concerns we may refer this to Frot Door For families (FDFF)

Updated for Covid 19

Travelling to Footsteps Day Nursery

Footsteps Day Nursery is committed to protecting the environment for future generations and doing all that we can to reduce CO2 emissions. Part of this commitment means that we ask that all parents consider how the plan to travel to and from Footsteps Day Nursery. The information below is a useful summary of the travel choices that can be used to access Footsteps Day Nursery.

Cycling and Walking

Footsteps Day Nursery is well connected if you can cycle or walk. 80m to the west on Old Shoreham Road there is a pedestrian crossing that connects north Portslade with the nursery. There are two footpaths that link the nursery to south Portslade, one via Southdown Avenue and another via Victoria Recreation Ground.

Cycling and walking is a great way for you and your child/ren to keep fit stay healthy. Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers. If you need any advice on routes ask a member of staff. We also provide cycle parking if you want to leave your bike here during the day.

Details of cycle routes can be found by following this web link;

Details of walking routes and the health benefits can be found by following this web link;

Bus Services

There are bus stops on both sides of Old Shoreham Road that are a short walk from the nursery. These stops serve 6 bus routes. Portslade train station serves 10 bus routes. These services provide a regular and frequency bus service connecting the nursery with the whole of Brighton and Hove. Details of all of the routes can be found by following this web link;

Train Services

Portslade train station is just an 8 minute walk from the nursery. The station provides connections to all towns along the south coast and to Gatwick and London. Details for service can be found by following this web link;

If you have no choice to use your car because of other commitments we have limited car dropping off facilities. Please ensure that where possible you only use these parking spaces when you drop off and pick up your child/ren. Under no circumstances are we allowed to block access to Victoria Park Gardens. Please see the Term and Conditions for penalties if access is blocked to our neighbours.