These are testimonials and feed back from parents who already use our setting.

'We, as a family, have been really happy with the communication, care and support for the development of my child'

'My 2 children have both really enjoyed their time at Footsteps'

'The staff are always welcoming and caring to all the children'

'We are very happy with the choice of meals and snacks'

'My child gets to explore lots of things, I'm so happy that she gets to spend so much time in the garden, the mud kitchen is great'

'The staff have really helped my child to settle in, they are all great with the children'

'I just want to say that footsteps is a brilliant nursery and I wouldn't want my child to go anywhere else'

'The staff always have time to tell us how our child has been, I love the information sheet at the end of each session'

'I can't praise the staff enough, they are the reason that I chose footsteps over other nurseries. They are great on first impression and continue to be helpful & approachable'

'I am very happy with the variety of activities, there is always something he has enjoyed'

'The food and snacks provided are healthy, the activities varied and the staff friendly & approachable. My son is very happy here, we are very pleased with our choice'

'All the staff are so professional, friendly & caring. I feel completely at ease when leaving for the first time'

'I wanted to officially thank the nursery for all the work they have done towards my child's potty training. They have been enthusiastic and encouraging throughout. They wrote some guidelines and stickers to share with the childminder which ensures he has consistency of approach'

'The staff are really great, always smiling, welcoming. it feels like a big family'

'We are most satisfied with the care & attention our daughter recieves. I feel confident that she is well looked after'

'Sad to leave after 7 years of using the nursery, thanks for all the BBQ's, trips & Christmas parties, they have loved their time at Foosteps'

Feedback from our lastest Quality assurance module 'Equalities Quality Mark'

'There is a wealth of evidence to show how staff, parents & children have been involved in promoting equalities & valuing diversity'

'You provide a good range of experiences and display positive images which value similarities & differences and don't reinforce stereotypes. It makes for a very welcoming environment.'

'children are treated as individuals'

'There is sensitivity and understanding with regard to inclusive practice'


'Flexible hours & very accomodating staff, a variety of meals. Well thoughout & structures activities to keep my child stimulated & interested'

'All the staff are very caring & prioritise child welfare, my child is supported emotionally'

'I am very pleased about the quality of the setting & the care provided and would recommend it to any parent seeking childcare'

'There is a very high standard of care and the staff are always observing or engaged with the children'

'The physical environment, staff & food at the setting are all to a high standard'

'Footsteps is a very supportive, effective nursery'

'Staff are always very welcoming, I have always recieved a warm welcome from everyone'

'Happy with all the daily feedback & updates on the newsletter'

'The standards are good & high, please keep up the good work, thank you so much'

'I am so pleased with the variety of activities & all the positive input from the staff'

'I am impressed with the way the staff interact with my son & make him feel confortable'

'The staff are freindly & polite & a;ways keep me up to date on my sons progress and how his day has been'

'I am confident that my son is in good hands'

'The welcome is always great, The staff are so welcoming'

'The staff have been brilliant'

'my daughters development has come on so much since she joined the nursery'

'We are really happy with the whole team in the bumble bee room'

'I wanted to let you know how happy me & my wife are with the nursery. We have had a lot of upheaval recently with my mother passing away. You team, and Kirsty in paticular, have made every effort to accomodate our needs in a friendly & caring manner. This has been a bad time for us but Footsteps have really excelled at making a huge impact in making our lives easier. As well as of this we are also very happy with the level of care & affection my daughter recieves at the nursery. '

'It took a while for my daughter to settle but the staff helped & encouraged her, she now looks forward to going'

'The activities & food are great, the staff have all been so helpful in helping her to settle'

'My child really enjoys their time at nursery. She gets really excited when we are outside which we find so reassuring as parents. The staff are always freidnly & engaging'

'We are very sad to be leaving the nursery. All of the staff have been wonderful and i know mt son will be so sad to leave you all, especially Alison. His heart is going to break not seeing her again. She really has taken her interests & is so thoughtful with him. I have no negative feedback from the past 2 years and will always promote your nursery to my Mummy & Daddy friends, thank you all so much'

From a student on work experience........Thank you for allowing me to complete my work experience with Footsteps Day Nursery, You were all so lovely. Footsteps is a great nursery and I have been so fortunate to learn so much from you all. I have learnt how to effectively communicate with the children, how children learn, how to safeguard the children both indoor & out. Thank you again

'I just wanted to let you know that the staff were so lovely with my son on his first settle session, they are really lovely girls'

'I would just like to say Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Footsteps. I cannot thank you enough for giving him such a great start in life, you have certainly prepared him for school. All the Footsteps staff have been brilliant, please pass on my gratitude to all of them, especially his key workers he has had over the years. They all deserve a messive well done!'

'Thank so much to the whole team for all the guidance & support you have all given us since he started with you. He has come on leaps & bounds and I can't recommend the nursery enough, if I ever have another child this is where I will be sending it'

From a student on work exeprience.......... Thank you for my work experience, I really enjoyed looking at all the ways you work with the children. I had so much fun and the people who work with you are all so nice

From the recent Ofsted Inspection.........'Children are happy, confident & demonstrate that they feel safe & secure at the nursery. They are well behaved and show care & concern for each other. The staff have a caring approach and children develop strong attachments to the staff'.............'Links with parents and other early years settings that children attend are good. For example, the regular sharing of information with parents helps them support their children's learning at home'..................'Managers work effectively with staff to support them in their roles & responsibilities, for instance, they make sure policies that support the welfare of the children are understood & fully implemented by everyone'....................'children progress well relative to their starting points. Staff use detailed & effective assessment methods & planning to provide challenging activites that support the cghildren's next steps in learning'

'We have settled in really well to Footsteps with the amazing care from the staff. We feel very comfortable and staff are very friendly'

'My child has not been easy to settle but the staff were so suppoortive. I can't fault the staff as they are all committed & kind'

'I love Tapestry! It's amazing'

'Excellent activities, I have no concerns, I feel very happy. Everything has exceeded my expectations, I am very happy with Footsteps, 5 stars'

'I really love the staff........they always have massive smiles and are so accommodating'

'I was discussing Footsteps the other day with my health visitor and I told her how friendly it is and how settled the children are. The transition from room to room is so well supported, a really friendly place'

From a first aid provider on a recent in-house training day 'Please pass on my special thanks to Georgia & Olivia who were a pleasure to work with & great hosts'

'The staff are always friendly & bubbly, my child enjoyed his settling sessions and is excited to make new friends'

'I am really happy with every aspect of the nursery'

'friendly and helpful staff'

'A good variety of activities and mt son enjoys them all'

'I am so happy with the communication about how my son's day has been, emails are always answered quickly'

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for all the care and help that my child has received since he started. You have some truly fantastic staff at Footsteps and my child would not have succeeded at many things if it wasn't  for the team you have. Especially Alsion, Kirsty & Georgia who have helped my child grow into a confident young man'

Feedback from a recent parent survey (Nov 18)

- 'Happy, caring, professional & approachable staff'

- 'Flexible hours'

- 'Nappies & meals included in the price'

- 'Clean, bright, safe atmosphere'

- 'the garden being used in all weathers'

- 'the guinea pigs'

- 'The children's individual needs being met'

- 'Good security'

- 'accessible by car or on foot'

- 'daily reports'

- 'you can see the happiness of the children'

- 'balance bikes'

My child really enjoys nursery, the staff are reindly and welcoing. My child enjoys the food and this is included in the price. The staff are so professional'

'My child has settled so well, she enjoys the actvities, the staff are warm and friendly, my child is growing in confidence, I love the felxibility'

'My child goes in happy and comes home happy'

'I am so happy with the staff and how they are looking after my child'


'The staff are amazing, they look after the children so well and have time to observe, monitor and feedback on their development. They do all this while keeping the children so happy'

'My 2 children have settled in really well and are very happy. The things we like best are the displays, the art work, the balance bikes, the varied food & snacks, the phonics, singing, variety of activities and the friendly & nuturing staff'

'Staff are excellent. Friendly, loving, caring, listen to the parents'

'The staff are friendly and honest'

'Staff are very friendly & informative'

'Good range of planned activites and free play both indoors and out'

'All the staff are enthusiastic to see my child and they welcome us both'

'The bumble bee staff are brilliant, everyone is so freidnly and welcoming'

'I like that they go in the garden daily so the children can get some fresh air'

''All the staff are a credit to the nursery, everyone is so freidnly & bubbly, it is so reassuring to know that my child is with you'

'My child has settled really and seems to enjoy the nursery'

'The food is fresh, heaty and my child eats it all'

'The staff are always friendy and welcoming and understanding. When I call they are always enthusiastic and never make me feel like a pain for calling'

'The staff are so friendly and outgoing'

'The welcome is perfect, very warming'

'The staff are friendly and easy to talk to'

'My child is learning new things all the time, I am really happy with the activities he is involved in'

'All staff are happy to stop and give an update on my child's day. I am very happy with the way the nursery is run and the staff'

'My child loves coming to nursery and has such a great time, he has settled in really well, thank you'

'My child is really enjoying nursery, he does brilliant activities and brings home beautiful art work'

'I have a childcare background and find it hard to be on the other side as a parent. I have to say I was very impressed when I looked around. The tour was informative and the supervisor had a very friendly approach. Another member of staff interacted with my child the whole time'

'My child has settled really quickly into the nursery, the staff are lovely and seem really good at their jobs. The written materials are clear and well communicated, there are plenty of actiities available and the mud kitchen is a favourite, I am more satisfied with the staff and neverything has exceeded our expectations'

'I just wanted to say how brilliantly today’s butterflies trip to Pizza Express went. All of the children were so well behaved and it was fantastic to see them enjoying it. The staff were all amazing and it was extremely well organised. Thank you so much Footsteps! '

'We always get a warm, freidnly welcome. The settle sessions are a grat idea and the staff are always available. They are wrm and friendly and genuine. There is a wide range of activities and my child has loved the chicks hatching'

'The team really interact with the children really getting to know them, my son has come on so quickly, since attending nursery he is so much more confident'

'The welcome from th staff is always amazing, they are so friendly & happy. The food is good and the staff are very good at communicating my child's likes & dislikes. The staff are always amazing!! I really love the fact that the children go outside a lot and do lots of messy & creative play. I think my child is being so well looked after'

'The staff are friendly & approachable, happy to help with any concerns and so enthusiastic'

'Varied choice of activities and garden time every day. Good opportunities to develop skills & communication'

'I love the friendliness & attitude of the staff - nothing is too much trouble'

;Excellent value - I would reccommend'

Feedback from our recent Quilt quality assurance module 'Leadership & Management'

- The panel particularly enjoyed how management & staff responded to the termly parent survey such as introducing more natural resources. They enjoyed learning abut the effective room swap observations and the ways we seek the children's views. Congraulations on achieving a credit in this challenging module 


'All of our kids have loved their time at footsteps, I just wanted to sya how wonderful the staff are with a special mention to Alison'

'I am so grateful for all the help & support my chld has recieved, the staff are lovely and have supported us through some difficult times. I am sad that my son will be moving away from such a wnderful environment and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart'

' Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter, putting her with you is the best decision I ever made'

'Thank you for the photos and first observation of our son. It was lovely. Thank you also for making us all feel so welcome'

'I wanted to say a big thank you to the staff for being so patient with my son and giving him the chance to express himself'

'Staff are lovely!  friendly and attentive and they seem to really care aout the children, they are happy to discuss any issues and I don't feel hurried'

'Staff are great as always, no complaints!'

'I love how the nursery always adapts to my childs routine'

'very happy with the food, a good variety and my child always seems to enjoy it'

'Good mix of activities, I loved he firework and halloween pictures'

'I am so happy how my child has settled, we're so happy how well he has bonded with the staff working in his room'

'We love the tapestry ap, thanks to the staff for keeping it updated'

'Great variety of food, they blend to suit my childs needs'

'We love the staff in her room, they are amazing, very professional and adaptable, it is clear they know my child well and really look after her'

'Love the Facebook page'

'Really like the flexibility of extra sessions'

'My child is so happy at nursery, it's been a great start'

'The staff are great, really kind & friendly'

'Settling sessions were so helpful and reassuring'

'I am happy with the safety and happiness of my child, the warm & friendly staff and the term time only sessions and location of the nursery'

'I wanted to say a special thank you to Steph. She is always so informative about my child's day. I feel like my child is in such good hands with her'

'My child really enjoys going in and we feel that interacting with other children has been a real benefit'

'The staff are very welcoming, the food is perfect and the activities are fun'

'Our child was happy from day one of starting at Footsteps'

'The staff are kind & professional'

'Our daughter always comes home with a new song or something she has learnt'

'The  butterflies have dealt with my sons behaviour issues so well, we are so grateful for this'

'Everyone is very weloming'

'Settling sessions were very helpful'

'Staff are very helpful & approachable'

'We are satisfied with everything the nursery......particularly how nurturing the team are'

'Staff are warm and caring, they are friendly and really seem to care about the children'

'The Facebook page has some good info / links to resources'

'How flexibly you use the 30 hours funding - it's brilliant'

'It's great that you ask parents for feedback regularly and check in with new parents, it really shows that you are constantly trying to improve nd meet the needs of the children & their families'

'My child has thrived this year after starting nursery with you. I am so grateful for all the time and effort you have put in. He has learnt all about the planets and the continents and amazes the people he meets by naming them all. Thank you so much for looking after my baby, he is so ready for school and wants to learn new things all the time'

'I honestly believe my child benefitted SO MUCH from th amount of time he spent at Footsteps, we'll always be so grateful tp you guys for looking after him so well'

'We are so impressed with all of the staff at the Portslade setting, their friendliness and professionalism is fantastic'

'Thank you to all th staff for making my child feel safe, happy & providing her with an engaging environment, credit to your team for settling my child so well, she always talks so positively about all the staff'

'We are enjoying the pictures on tapestry and the new set up for observations, they are very uch appreciated'

'I have been so impressed with the staff's friendliness and professinalism. Hannah & Meg have been fantastic settling my baby and Jade has made my older child fel so welcome'