We cater for children from three months to eight years old. There is a different floor for each age group. 
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Bumble Bees

Our Bumble Bee floor is for the 3-24mth old age group. 
We have a wide range of age appropriate resources & a curriculum plan that includes heuristic play & large construction. We follow the child's interests & developmental needs
Staff plan for the 3 prime areas of the EYFS government framework.
The Bumble Bee area includes a sleep / quiet room, messy room & activity room. There is also a seperate changing area.
Nappies and wipes are included in the fees. Each child has their own peg for spare clothes, comforters etc.

Bumble Bee 1
Bumble Bee 2
Bumble Bee 3


The Caterpillars area is for the 18months-3yr old age group. 
The 18 months-3yr olds enjoy a slightly more structured curriculum plan, with opportunities for the children to develop their independence. Staff follow children's interests and developmental needs.
Staff plan for the 3 prime areas of learning set out in the EYFS government framework. Children have the use of 3 free-flow rooms. A quiet / sleep room, a messy room & an activity room.
Our staff will always help with potty training as the children become more independent.

Caterpillar 1
Caterpillar 2
Caterpillar 3


Our Butterfly area is for the 3-8yr old age group. 
Our 3-8yr olds have a detailed & structured curriculum plan following the 3 prime areas & 4 specific areas of learning set out by the EYFS.
Children are encouraged to use the toilet facilities independently in preparation for school. Children have the use of 3 free-flow rooms, a home room, a messy room & an activity room.

Butterfly 1
Butterfly 2
Butterfly 3