Settling In

  1. We aim to work in partnership with the parents to ensure all children settle in well to the nursery environment.
  2. When you are offered a place with the nursery, we will arrange for a number of visits for you and your child to familiarise yourselves with nursery.  These visits can vary in length allowing you to leave him/her for short periods of time until you are both happy.
  3. We have a key person system in place, each child is assigned a key person who settles each child into the nursery, updates the on-line Tapestry learning journal, plans next steps for each child & is a point of contact for that family. You will be assigned a key person but this can be changed if your child naturally gravitates towards another practitioner. Please see separate key person policy.
  4. Due to the new regulations in place for Covid 19 we ask that parents collect their child from the designated door where a member of staff will collect them.
  5. For the first few weeks you can collect your child early if you wish. Please collect from the designated door.
  6. During this settling in period you may phone during the day to check on your child’s progress.
  7. To speed up the settling in process we will ask you for any specific names of people your child may talk about, any comforters etc.  We welcome your input. We will ask you to fill in a ‘celebrating me’ document that will inform the key person. This will be added to as the child moves up through the nursery.
  8. We constantly review & update our settling in procedure. We will seek your views in a 6 week review questionnaire. 

Updated for Covid 19