Promoting British Values

Footsteps Day Nursery is an inclusive setting. Our aims, values & principles reflect our ethos in every aspect of the setting. Our staff have a shared understanding of what fundamental British values are and how these are promoted & valued in the nursery. Our staff would be supported in challenging any discriminatory remarks from other staff, parents & children.

Fundamental British values have been separated into 4 headings. We have unpicked what each of these headings means to us and how these are supported & promoted in every day nursery life.


We want the children to feel valued & respected. We actively seek out children's views and listen to these. We have a separate 'listening to children' policy. Staff act as good role models for the children and actively listen to one another. We have golden rules in place which the children helped to formulate and these are displayed and the children are expected to follow these. We promote choice in the nursery and the children are able to make choices about what activities they do, what time they have snack & what they eat. This is promoted visually to allow all children to participate. Children are expected to respect & listen to each others views.  We work with the children on different emotions and how we can successfully manage our emotions & express our feelings.

The rule of law

Our staff have high expectations of children. We have rules at the setting and the children take part in the formulation of these rules and are supported to follow them. We have a comprehensive Behaviour Management policy, we use positive strategies to handle any conflict and praise & acknowledge desirable behaviour. We do a lot of work with the children around right & wrong and understanding our own & others behaviour. We promote all golden rules in a visual way and support the children. For instance for tidy up time we reinforce this with an auditory clue (bell) & visual clue (sand timer), all the children then sing a tidy up song. We discuss the rules outside our setting and support this with visits from local police, ambulance, fire brigade & road safety.

Individual liberty

We support the children to make their own choices in a safe & supportive environment. We encourage the children to take managed risks and explore new activities & experiences to improve self-confidence & self-esteem. We welcome all children to the setting & encourage them to have a positive self-image. We display positive non-stereotypical pictures around the nursery and discuss & celebrate our similarities & differences. We teach empathy for all with activities such as persona dolls, story time & group discussion.

Mutual respect & tolerance of those of different faiths & beliefs

We celebrate our diverse, rich cultural & religious society and promote mutual respect. We display positive images and use these as a way to start discussions with children. Adults sensitively challenge any discriminatory remarks. We have a comprehensive 'Valuing diversity & Promoting Equality' policy. We celebrate our similarities & differences and celebrate relevant festivals and holy days. The children have a chance to try a diverse range of foods and listen to different types of music at the setting. We encourage our families to participate in the setting and have involved them in dancing session, dual language story sessions & food tasting. We value all children and differentiate our activities to ensure an equality of opportunity.  We ensure that all our posters, displays and other notices reflect the diversity of the setting.


Staff have received training in the following areas

  • Makaton signing
  • Equalities awareness
  • Persona dolls
  • Supporting children with speech & language delay
  • Safeguarding

Policies that are linked to this one are

  • Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equalities
  • Equalities awareness
  • Observation, assessment & Planning (OAP)
  • Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)
  • Parents as partners
  • Aims, Values & Principles
  • Listening to Children
  • Behaviour Management