Lost Child Procedure

We have taken every step to ensure your child is cared for in a secure environment. However in the unlikely event of a child going missing from the Nursery or garden the following procedure will be followed. All of our staff are familiar with this procedure.

  1. All staff, including managers, would be informed and will start an immediate search of the building and the surrounding areas, ensuring that all other children are supervised properly and carry on with as normal a routine as possible.
  2. If the child is not found then the Nursery Manager will contact the police. Tel: 999 or local police 0845 60 70 999
  3. When the police have been contacted then the Manager will also contact the Parents/carers of the child, while the search continues.
  4. The Nursery Manager will meet with both parents and police and follow any instructions given by the police.
  5. Any incident will be recorded on an accident form.
  6. OFSTED will be informed.