Valuing diversity & Promoting Equality

'The EYFS seeks to provide Equality of Opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring that every child is included & supported' (EYFS, 2012)

At Footsteps day Nursery we will ensure that our service is fully inclusive in meeting the needs of all the children. We recognise that children & their families come from diverse backgrounds. All families have needs & values that arise from their social & economic, ethnic & cultural or religious backgrounds. Children grow up in diverse family structures. Some children may live with foster carers or other relatives. Some children may have needs that arise from a disability or impairment, or may have parents who are affected by disability or impairment. Some children come from families who experience social exclusion or severe hardship; some have to face discrimination & prejudice because of their ethnicity, the languages they speak, their religious belief or background, their gender or their impairment

We understand that these factors affect the well-being of children and can impact on their learning & attainment. This setting is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity value diversity for all children & families. This policy sets out the way we achieve this in the different areas of the setting.


  • We always offer a warm & welcoming environment to any visitors to or setting
  • We advertise our service widely within the local & surrounding community
  • We provide clear information on our service. This can be in written or verbal form. We're able to provide information in other languages & formats
  • We base our admissions procedure on a fair first come, first served basis.
  • We do not discriminate about against a child or their family on the basis of a protected characteristic as defined by the Equalities Act (2010) these are; disability, race, gender reassignment, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy or maternity and marriage & civil partnership.
  • We ensure all parents, staff & visitors to the setting are aware of this policy
  • We take action against any discriminatory behaviour by staff or parents. We will always challenge any discriminatory remarks or behaviour.
  • We work closely with outside agencies such as Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) and Brighton & Hove Inclusion Support Service (BHISS) to support children in the setting (see separate SEND policy)
  • We would always put an action plan into place to ensure that people with impairments or disability can participate successfully in the setting

Staff recruitment, training & development

  • Positions are advertised as widely as possible in the local & surrounding communities.
  • Applicants are welcome from all backgrounds and positions are open to all.
  • We have a fair system when it comes to recruitment. (please see separate Staff Recruitment policy)
  • The applicant who best meets the person specification is offered the post, subject to references & Disclosure & Barring Service Check. This ensures fairness in the selection process.
  • All Applications pack include an Equalities Statement
  • Equalities practice is part of our induction procedure. All staff have a buddy who can run through best practice with them.
  • We seek out training for our staff which enable them to develop anti-discriminatory & inclusive practices.
  • We review our policies & procedures annually.

EYFS & Learning Environment

  • We aim to provide a secure & accessible environment in which all of our children can flourish.
  • We ensure that the children are valued and feel good about themselves. (see separate Emotional Health & Well-Being policy)
  • We ensure that all children have equal access to learning
  • We provide positive non-stereotyping information about gender roles. Diverse family structures. Diverse ethnic & cultural groups and disabled people.
  • We make diversity & inclusion a thread that runs through all activities of the setting
  • We differentiate the curriculum to meet children’s special educational needs (see our separate SEND policy)
  • We recognise & support the different learning styles of the children
  • We positively reflect the widest possible range of communities in our choice of resources and the images that we display.
  • We help the children to understand that discriminatory behaviour & remarks are hurtful & unacceptable
  • We ensure that children who are learning English as an additional language have full access to the curriculum and are supported in their learning
  • We use the observations we make of the children and regular input from families to identify next steps for children’s learning & development
  • We actively seek parents help & support in the setting. We have a number of opportunities throughout the year for parents to come into the setting as well as regular parent helper slots and outings.


  • Our on-site chef provides cooked lunches & high tea. We have been awarded a healthy Choice Gold Standard award by the local council for our menu & cooking practices (see separate Food & Nutrition policy)
  • We also provide healthy snacks and been awarded with a Healthy Choice Gold Award (please see separate Food & Nutrition policy)
  • We work with parents to ensure that all dietary requirements are catered for
  • Our lunch & snack menus are culturally diverse.
  • We help children to learn about a range of food & cooking practice and to respect the differences between them

Monitoring & reviewing

  • This policy will be reviewed & updated annually along with other policies.
  • Parents can access all policies & procedures in the prospectus, in the file in reception and on this website
  • Parents feedback is sought each month on the newsletter, in termly questionnaires that inform the Ofsted Self-Evaluation From (SEF) and in home interest forms which are sent home half-termly

Legal Framework

  • The equality Act (2010)
  • Children Act (1989) & (2004)
  • Special Educational Needs & Disability Act (2001)
  • SEND code of practice (2014)

We have 2 equalities reps in the building who support other staff & review equalities practice. Hannah Simpson & Chelsea Boyce-Jones. They are supported by Hannah Moss. All 3 have accessed the appropriate training.