At Footsteps we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint & teaching the children in our care to do the same. We aim to do this in a number of ways.

  • Recycling centre. We now, with the help of the children, recycle paper, card & plastic bottles. We have large boxes for this located on the first floor near the children’s drawers. These boxes are collected by ‘paper round’ a local recycling company.
  • We refill or recycle all of our print cartridges.
  • We reuse & use ‘bags for life’ when doing the nursery shopping.
  • We buy, where possible, concentrated products.
  • We reuse boxes in our junk modelling sessions.
  • Paper is reused for the children’s drawings & mark making.
  • Nursery shopping is all delivered without carrier bags
  • All cardboard, glass, tin cans, paper, that cannot be reused around the nursery is collected by an outside company
  • Nappies are collected by a waste company. If any parent wishes to use reusable nappies the nursery is happy to accommodate this.
  • We do not over order on food products and any food left is eaten by staff covering lunches.
  • Water taps are monitored and sinks are fitted with a lever turn tap to make it easier to switch the tap on & off.
  • All lights & electrical items are switched off when not in use
  • We are working towards reducing water & energy use and will comply with all relevant legal requirements
  • We have been awarded the Modeshift Stars Gold accreditation, which looks at active, sustainable, safer travel to nursery. 
  • We have been awarded the regional 'Early Years School Of the Year' in 2018 regional Modeshift awards.