Footsteps Day Nursery has the capacity for 65 children
We can take children from 3 months up to the age of 8. This is at full capacity and can be made up of full or part time children.

We consider every child has the right to a place and we aim to do the best we can to accommodate every child. Other factors will be taken into consideration: -

  1. Availability of spaces in the nursery ensuring that the child/staff ratios are correct
  2. The age of the child
  3. The times and sessions required
  4. When the application is received - we have a waiting list in operation which will be strictly on a first come first served basis
  5. The nursery's abilities to meet the child's needs
  6. Depending on the children already in the nursery, a full time place will usually take preference over a part time place
  7. If there is already a sibling at the nursery then everything possible will be done to offer the child a place
  8. At Footsteps we are inclusive. Any child has a right to a nursery place regardless of gender, race, religion, colour, creed, disability, special educational needs, language, family structure, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sexuality or political beliefs