We cater for children from three months to eight years old and we have rooms dedicated to different age ranges.
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Bumble Bees

Our Bumble Bee rooms are for the 3-24mth old age group. 
We have a wide range of age appropriate resources & an activity plan that includes heuristic play & large construction. Staff follow children's interests & developmental needs.
Staff follow the EYFS. Government framework and have experience in that age group. Practitioners plan for & support the 3 prime areas of learning.
The Bumble Bees have the use of 2 rooms. An activity room and a sleep/quiet room. Each room is equipped with a range of toys & resources. The children have access to messy play, sensory play, songs & stories, group times & adult led activities and physical play. The babies also access the garden.
Each child has their own box for spare clothes, comforters etc.

Bumble Bee 1
Bumble Bee 2
Bumble Bee 3


Our caterpillar children are aged between 2-3yrs. The main hall is split to create a learning environment for children aged 2-3yrs. The children have free flow use of the different areas set up in the classroom. A messy area, role play, quiet area, books, ICT equipment & indoor physical movement. . We have a separate sleep area. The children's natural routines will be followed. Practitioners plan for and support the prime areas of learning.

Caterpillar 1
Caterpillar 2
Caterpillar 3

Pre-school room (butterflies)

Our Butterfly children are aged between 3-5yrs. The main hall is split into different learning environments. There is a large area dedicated to the 3-5's.  Practitioners plan for and support the 3 prime & 4 specific areas of learning. There is plenty of opportunity for both child initiated and adult led learning through play & exploration. We foster children's independence and prepare them for starting school. The 2-5's also have use of the garden.

Butterfly 1
Butterfly 2
Butterfly 3