We understand that change and transition can be stressful & upsetting for both the parents & the children. Transition can mean starting a new setting, changing rooms within that setting, a new member of staff, a child attending more than one setting or the move to big school.

The staff at the nursery will help support your child's journey before, during & after transition. Staff will work with parents, sharing information about the child & what support he/she needs.

We want all children to feel comfortable, confident & emotionally secure during their time at nursery. We value all children in our setting and want them to feel respected & carer for.

Our aim is to help the family deal with these changes by making them as smooth as possible.

The Transition from Home to Nursery

We will support this in a number of ways;

Information sharing, registration forms and a 'Celebrating Me' document will be shared between parents and the child's key person.

Familiarisation session, a minimum of 2 sessions will be offered to help you and your child become familiar with the staff and surroundings. If you feel your child will benefit from more, we will be happy to offer these. (due to Covid 19 we are asking that parents only stay for the settle session IF they are worried about their child not settling. If the parents stays then the settle will be done in the garden or in a separate classroom)

A key person will plan to spend time with the new child, help them to separate & support them during the day.

We allow comforters or special toys to be bought into nursery. (only essential comforters to be bought in during the pandemic)

The Transition from Room to Room

We will support this in a number of ways;

Your child will do a number of visits to their new room to build up a relationship with the new staff & children.

The change in key person will take into account the child's preferences. The new key person will be introduced to parents.

The key persons will share information & records of development kept on the child and pass on the on-line EYFS development file.

The Transition between Settings attended by a child in one week.

We know that lots of children attend more than one Early year Education provider, including child Minders and Pre-Schools, we aim to build good links with these other providers by;

The key person making a termly visit to see the child in their other setting, & sharing the information.

We send the termly update report to the other setting to get a progress reports & share any achievements of concerns.

We always get permission from parents to do this.

Due to covid 19 we are not surrently able t visit children in other settings

The Transition from Nursery to School

This can be a stressful time for parents & children, we support this transition by;

Making a photo book of the child's new school to share with them at nursery, these photo's include the classrooms, toilets & playground & this helps the children to become more familiar

We invite all teachers from new school to visit the Nursery to see the children in their comfortable leaning environment.

We complete a transfer document to pass on relevant information, this is shared with parents, and parents can all to this process.

We plan activities such as role play, stories & Persona doll sessions to support the children & explore their feelings about the transition.

Transition is an ongoing process and we invite input from parents about their child at any time, we want to establish partnership with parents as set out in our Parents as Partners Policy.