Assessment plays an important part in helping parents, carers & practitioners to recognize children’s progress, understand their needs & to plan activities and support. Parents and/or carers should be kept up-to-date with their child’s progress and development’ (EYFS, 2012)

Footsteps day nursery believe that we need to observe the children in our care and use these observations to chart children’s progress and plan exciting and meaningful activities and experiences. We use a secure online system called Tapestry. Practitioners can upload observations and wow moments and track development in the 3 Prime and 4 Specific areasof learning in the EYFS, The Characteristics Of Effective Learning and the Lueven Well-Being & Involvement scale.

This is a completely secure system, only the manager and the key person and the child’s parents will have access to the child’s learning journal and only parents who are registered will be able to access the system.

What to expect

Whilst we believe that assessment is important to support children's development, we also believe that the best way to promote and support children's development is for the staff to spend time with the children playing & learning together. With this in mind we expect staff to complete 1 observation every 2-weeks for each child. This is a manageable amount and alows the staff to track children's development but ultimately allows them time to spend interacting and scaffolding learning.

We encourage parents to be as involved in the process as possible, not only by reading & commenting on the observations but also by uploading their own pictures and comments of their child for us to enjoy and add to the assessment process. This partnership creates a tapestry, which grows as your child develops into a true keepsake of their early years. This secure system also allows you to add grandparents and other family members so the whole family can join in with a child’s nursery life in a way that wasn’t previously possible. It allows all registered people to your child’s journal to have equal access to it.

The staff will use either the nursery camera and computer or the tablet computers which have been bought for this purpose. There are 2 tablet computers on each floor. These tablets are to be stored overnight in a located cupboard. The staff are not permitted to take the tablets home and they are unable to access the tapestry system at all unless the manager has logged into the system from the main computer first. Staff are only allowed to use the nursery tablets and not permitted to bring their own phones, tablets or cameras onto the floor. Staff are only allowed to use the tablets for accessing Tapestry. No other internet site will be accessed. Staff belongings are stored in the staff room.

If parents have no access to the Internet then a paper learning journal will be produced.


We can also use tapestry to track the children's speech and language development with the Every Child a Talker monitoring tool. This allows the staff to look at a child's speech and language against an age related grid of expected speech development. tapestry also allows us to track the progress of any children with a special educational need or disability

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