At footsteps we believe in recording and celebrating children’s achievements. We do this in a number of ways, including taking photographs of the children. These are used in the children’s online developmental folders (password protected) and in displays around the nursery. We never use the photographs outside the nursery or for promotional material unless we have prior written consent.

We have a digital camera for the staff to use in the nursery; photos are then transferred onto the nursery computer. The camera is stored in the office over night and only used by vetted members of staff. The children have the use of a digital camera, the use of these are monitored by staff. Photo are deleted after use. Cameras are kept at the nursery.

We use tablet computers to record the children's development and update their on-line learning journals. We obtain parental consent for this. Staff are only permitted to use the nursery tablets. These are kept overnight in a locked office and are password protected. Staff are not permitted to take the tablets home with them and cannot access the tapestry account unless a manager has logged into the system from the main computer.

We obtain written consent from parents on registration for us to take and use photos of the children in folders and displays. We respect parents wishes with respect to the care given and would not take photos of a child if consent was not obtained.

Staff are not permitted to use their mobile phone in the classrooms; they are stored in the staff room. Staff are not permitted to take photos of children on personal cameras or take photos of the children home. Staff are not permitted to wear smart watches. These will also be stored in the staff room.

All photos are given to parents when a child leaves and their files on the computer are deleted.

The nursery has a Facebook page. No photos of the children will be posted without the prior written consent of the parents. Please refer to the Social Networking policy.

Policies to be read in conjunction with this are

Safguarding - Child Protection, Facebook & Social Networking, Parents as Partners & Tapestry.