Home Learning

At Footsteps Day Nursery we believe that children are always learning and developing. Young children learn through exploring their environment and undertaking both familiar and new challenges. We believe that children make sense of the world around them by 'playing'.

We follow children's interests and plan our learning around the what the children have experienced and what they are interested in.

We are keen to make this a two-way process between home and nursery. We also like to involve any other settings a child attends and any other professionals working with the child.

We promote 'Home learning' in a number of ways.

  • Curriculum newsletters - These are sent out every half term. They outline any topics or themes coming up that half term. It gives you key song words and key stories. It highlights any diary dates such as parent consultations, visits, outings or special events. On this newsletter we also give ideas on how learning can be supported at home.
  • Home interest sheets - These are on the back of the curriculum newsletter. You can complete this to inform the nursery of anything your child is showing an interest in at home, any special outings you may have done or any developmental milestones. We will use these to inform our activity planning.
  • The monthly newsletter - This is emailed and contains dates of visitors, outings & special events. we also send home other resources with the newsletter such as recipes, fact sheets and home lerning tools.
  • Special events - As well as being on the newsletters these are also displayed on signs around the nursery.
  • Home learning resources - We have a book borrowing scheme located upstairs on the filing cabinet by the office. Please do feel free to borrow a book. We have story sacks which are sent home. We also have a number of Jolly Phonics CD's and Boogie Mites CD's. Please speak to a member of staff to borrow any of these.
  • Parent helpers - We do go on a number of outings with the children each year. We do require parent helpers for these trips. We are also keen for parents to come in and help with a session, read a story or share a special talent or job
  • Tapestry - On each tapestry observation that we send home staff identify a next step in learning for the setting and a 'home learning idea' this will help to support the child's learning at home. You can reply to any tapestry observation we send home if you have any comments / questions. You can also upload your own photos / observations to share with the staff. These will be used by staff to inform planning. You will need to activate your account if not already done. Staff can support you with this.
  • Social Media - We have a Facebook page for the nursery. Footsteps Day Nursery - Hollingury. We share number of home lerning ideas, recipes, places to visit, special events, the arts and age appropriate content. We also use it to let you know what's been happening at nursery with photos and examples of nursery activities.