Door Entry

This document sets out the nursery's responsibility in keeping the building safe & secure and safeguarding the children from unvetted people having access to the building at any time.

This document is given to all staff, volunteers, students and childcare professionals who work at the nursery or who are working with one or more of the individual children.

We safeguard the premises in a number of ways;

  • We have secure thumb print scanners on both entrances to the building. When a new staff member has been vetted (DBS & reference checked) or a new family starts then a scan of their thumb print is taken and they can then access the building. The thumb prints are removed as soon as that person is no longer connected to the nursery.
  • Any visitors will ring the door bell. A staff member will answer the door face to face.
  • Any visitors are asked for ID and asked to sign in on the sheets provided in reception.
  • Any unknown parents will be asked the password on arrival to the nursery; it needs to match the one given by the parents on the registration form.
  • If the parents inform the nursery of a different person collecting then, again, the password will be used.
  • If we haven't been informed of a change to collection then we will call the parents and emergency contacts to check that everything is ok and then the password system will be used.
  • If a person turns up to collect a child and doesn't know the password then the parents and emergency contacts will be called to collect the child.
  • Parents also need to be vigilant when entering and leaving the premises. Please ensure that the door is closed securely behind you and that you don't let any parents into the building if you don't know who they are.
  • Safety gates to each room should also be closed behind you securely each time you enter or leave.