EYFS progress check at age 2

The new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requires practitioners to complete a progress check on all children between the ages of 2-3. The aims of this check are;

  • Review the child’s development in the 3 prime areas.
  • To share this with parents to ensure they have a clear picture of their child’s development
  • To identify a child’s needs & plan activities to meet them in the setting.
  • To give parents ideas on how this can be developed at home
  • To listen to the voice of the child

The check will be carried out by the person who knows your child best in the setting. Your child’s key person has already collated ongoing assessments of your child and will use these to inform the check.

The check will be carried out in partnership with parents. Parents know their child best and are a valuable source of information for the check.  The key person will organise a meeting in which you can discuss the following;

  • What a child likes to do
  • What s/he is trying to master or what they have just learned.
  • New words/language that is emerging
  • Interests or patterns in play & exploration (schema)
  • Any area of development that may need extra support.

This check should take place as close to their 2nd birthday as possible but will depend on when they started at the setting. Practitioners need time to build up a complete picture of the child’s development.

  • If a child attends more than one setting the 2-year check will be discussed with his/her key person when we visit the setting.
  • If there are any other professionals working with your child their views will be sought and the check shared with them.

Parents will receive a copy of the 2-year progress check and a copy will be kept in their development folders.

If there is an additional need identified by the 2-year chek process then it will be shared with the child's health Visitor