Arrivals and Departures

It is our policy to give parents and children a warm welcome on their arrival into the nursery.

Parents are asked to take their child/ren to their classroom where either their key person or another member of staff in that room will welcome the child and over see the settling in of new children. We ask that caterpillar children use the back entrance to the building.  Other children can use the main entrance. There is secure thumb print access on all doors. We ask that buggies are then taken down the front steps and into our secure buggy store, please drop your children first as these steps are not to be used by the children.

On arrival the staff will mark their attendance in the register and record any additional information.

Bags and coats should be left on your child’s peg provided. Medicines can be delivered to the classroom for staff to put in the fridge.

Any medicine that a child is taking needs to be recorded with the member of staff and the medical consent forms signed.

If the child is to be collected by anyone other than the nominated adult, the password system will be followed.

At the time of departure the staff will collect any medicine from the kitchen to take home, bags and coats can be collected from pegs provided.

On departure the register will be marked to show that the child has left the premises.

If the nursery is informed during the day that someone else is collecting the child then a pre arranged password would be used and asked at the time of departure.

All staff and visitors will be asked to sign in and out using the books in reception.   

If a child is going to be off nursery for any reason we ask that you call by 10am. If a child has an unauthororised absence then staff will call parents and then emergency contacts. If we have any concerns we may refer to Front Door For Families (FDFF)